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The business environment surrounding us is changing dramatically. The trend of businesses seamlessly merging across a wide range of industries will inevitably accelerate due to drastic changes brought on by the rapid technological advancement such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) that are hallmarks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Awareness and interest in environmental protection are also increasing.

President Takahiro Kato
President Takahiro Kato

Under these circumstances, the technologies required by each company are diverse, and we have a social responsibility to provide technology, products and services that meet the needs of each customer.

Since being launched as a high-pressure gas sales company in 1952, TOYOKO KAGAKU has been steadily expanding its business from supplying various industrial gases, providing related equipment and facilities, to a safe and advanced supply control system using its unique technology, "Gas-Tronics". In recent years, in addition to supply of chemicals and related equipment, gas and chemical recovery equipment, we have expanded our business domain to environment-related businesses such as solar power generation and hydrogen stations.

Going forward, we will continue to develop technologies and skills to meet our customers’ needs, with safety at the core of all being first. And we will contribute to the creation of a better society by continuing to provide our customers with “the highest quality and safety”.

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